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NEOSD AES - Neo Geo flashcart announced
neo geo modrobert writes: "First the NEOSD TEAM released the MVS version, now they strike again with the Neo Geo AES version of their flashcart. You can find videos of the NEOSD AES in action posted here at the official store. The AES version is open for sale now and is expected to start shipping the 13th of January, 2017. Plastic shell case with sticker is included in the price, but we show the board shot here below since this site is about hacking. Read on for features...

Posted on Saturday, December 03, 2016 @ 07:16:09 GMT (294 reads)
(Read More... | 2818 bytes more | 4 comments | Score: 4.75)

Aurora 0.6b dashboard for Xbox 360 released
xbox360 [source: ] It has been a while, but we can finally present Aurora 0.6b to you! We have a bunch of new features implemented in this version:

* Passcode Security
* Cover Downloader
* Game Wallpapers
* Asset Importer
* Screen Capture Viewer
* Plugin Settings Revamp
* Utility Scripts

Passcode Security: You can now set a profile specific passcode and special permissions for different types of actions in Aurora.

Cover Downloader: A new menu entry in the Game Details allows you to select a specific Cover from XboxUnity.

Game Wallpapers: Many of you probably know that while you are in the game details for a specific game, you can press the 'BACK' button to view the background with no UI blocking your view; however, we have now added the ability to set that artwork as your dash background.


Posted on Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 19:31:46 GMT (452 reads)
(Read More... | 23760 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

Haxchi v2.0 - a persistent WiiU hack
wii u [source: FIX94 @] After doing quite a lot of work I now think it is time to release this - Version 2.0 of Haxchi! It now comes with its own installer and does not need iosuhax, wupclient or any additional scripts anymore, just your wiiu, a DS VC game and a way to run the homebrew launcher. If you happen to have a DS VC title that is listed in this readme then go ahead and grab both haxchi .elf and .zip from here. The .elf goes into sd:/wiiu/apps and the .zip should just be extracted to sd:/haxchi with all its contents inside. That content right now just consists of a simple replacement icon, logo and replacing the game title with "Haxchi", its example config.txt will boot homebrew launcher by default and a fw.img on your sd card when holding A. The content of this haxchi folder can be changed to your liking - if you want to you can also add in an alternative bootSound.btsnd to replace the original which I did not do in this example haxchi folder. After setting up the content to your liking all you have to do is run the haxchi .elf in homebrew launcher, select the game you want to install it on and that is it!
Posted on Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 16:51:29 GMT (537 reads)
(Read More... | 1621 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

The Open Homebrew Channel
revolution (wii) [source: marcan @] Last weekend was the 10-year anniversary of the Nintendo Wii. We thought weíd dust off the blog with a little birthday present: the source code for The Homebrew Channel. When we built HBC, we always wanted it to serve as a reference for what homebrew software should look like: good design, professional-looking, user friendly, stable, safe, and supporting features such as network connectivity. We hoped it would inspire other software to aspire to a similar level of quality. But we didnít want it to become an instant base for quick hacks and mods and endless cheap variations, and we also didnít think proliferation of installable ďchannelsĒ on the Wii is a good idea: we still think it makes much more sense to have one entry point into the homebrew ecosystem, and then launch everything else from there (among other things, because itís easy to brick a Wii by installing things into NAND). And, to be fair, the code is definitely not as pretty as what you get when running it.

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 @ 11:28:20 GMT (565 reads)
(Read More... | 2122 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

PS Vita SD card device project progress...
psvita modrobert writes: "RichDevX have a row of recent tweets announcing the progress on his SD card bridge device for the PS Vita memory card slot. Besides the breakout adapter which was finished long ago, it looks like he has completed the VHDL (or Verilog) FPGA simulation testing of the device hardware successfully. There are few posts with signal waveforms posted from the design tool, and he even had the PS Vita recognize a real 4GB SD card through the FPGA device which can be seen in this video. Quote RichDevX: 'I still need to figure out how to increase the storage :P 4GB for now, I only have a 4GB card, it shouldn't be hard to figure out :P ' I can't see any logic analyzer (or oscilloscope) signal output posted for the real device under test so far, or any photos of the FPGA development board setup (only the breakout adapter), but that might be kept private for now. [UPDATE: Just got this photo of the development board linked by RichDevX, thanks!] The project looks promising indeed, soon there will be no need to buy expensive PS Vita memory cards.

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2016 @ 11:16:08 GMT (870 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

descramble.c released for NES Classic
hacks modrobert writes: "Plutoo has released a C program to scramble/descramble raw NAND dumps from the NES Classic. Nice to see that NERD (Nintendo European Research & Development) rely on XOR to secure the NES ROMs for their kachikachi emulator, the code even has some similarities with their new hire coding challenge, it all makes sense now. ;) "

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, November 21, 2016 @ 05:29:40 GMT (1092 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

Xbox 360 kernel 2.0.17511.0 RGH stuff released
xbox360 modrobert writes: "The RGH/JTAG related hack tools with support for Xbox360 kernel 2.0.17511.0 (latest) have been released, say hello to xeBuild, xeBuild GUI and Dash Launch. As of posting this Swizzy is still working on xeBuild GUI, but it will show up after release. Could this be the last kernel update for Xbox 360? Happy to see the #xbins FTP server is still going strong!"
Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2016 @ 06:34:10 GMT (1660 reads)
(Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 0)

6.61 Adrenaline released for PS Vita
psvita modrobert writes: "TheFloW has released 6.61 Adrenaline for PS Vita which is a tool that modifies the official PSP Emulator using taiHEN CFW framework to make it run a PSP 6.61 custom firmware. Quote: 'Thanks to the power of taiHEN, Adrenaline can inject custom code into the IPL which allows unsigned code to run at boottime.' Thanks goes to GaryOPA for the heads up. Read on for the whole release announcement..."
Posted on Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 06:48:20 GMT (977 reads)
(Read More... | 6314 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

PS4OS v04.060.000 released
ps4 modrobert writes: "Sony has released PS4 Firmware Update v04.060.000 via PSN (SEN). flat_z has confirmed on Twitter the Chinese exploit to run Linux on PS4 was patched by Sony in this release, but maybe there is still hope for the PS4 Pro with firmware v3.70 to benefit from the exploit? I have updated the Ps4OsRels wiki as usual where the updates also can be downloaded, or at least could be at one point in time."
Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 11:08:26 GMT (691 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

EurAsia server news roundup...
site info modrobert writes: "After a busy week the EurAsia servers have moved to new data center location, now with more disk space and lightning fast disk access featuring SSDs! First I want to thank Kimmo over at DevNull for making this possible, truly professional service from a hosting company that has been around since the dawn of internet. The kind of support you want when the going gets tough. Greetings to eightbitbubsy and Mimiz on IRC for reporting problems after the server move, thanks guys. We have also added SPF and DKIM support to the mail server which means you might finally get our emails in your inbox instead of the junk/spam folder (but don't count on it, we have some powerful enemies out there). On another happy note we just breached 11000 files in the download section, hats off to our honored uploaders!

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 08:50:30 GMT (677 reads)
(Read More... | 5 comments | Score: 5)

genhax homebrew exploit for New 3DS released
3ds modrobert writes: "svanheulen has released genhax which is a secondary homebrew exploit for Monster Hunter Generations (JPN, EUR and USA regions of the game, using the latest game updates), it only works on the New 3DS due to memory mode used, and the game needs to be installed on the target system. You can find more technical details about the exploit in the project wiki over at GitHub."
Posted on Saturday, November 12, 2016 @ 10:32:26 GMT (952 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

PS4 Pro comes with firmware v3.70
ps4 modrobert writes: "I just got info that the new PS4 Pro comes shipped with firmware v3.70. Perhaps not sensational news, but interesting for two reasons. First off there is no public release of firmware v3.70 via PSN/SEN, secondly, there might be existing exploits out in the wild working on any firmware below v4.00. Thanks goes to Joon on Twitter for the heads up."
Posted on Friday, November 11, 2016 @ 09:11:16 GMT (904 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

hexFW for WiiU released
wii u modrobert writes: "Mike (aka hexkyz) has released a custom firmware developer framework to provide a user friendly CFW solution for the Wii U called hexFW. Quote: 'Currently, iosuhax (by smealum) is the basis for the firmware patching framework. This project's goal is to build upon smealum's patching system to deliver a fully functional and customizable Wii U CFW. The exploit chain used to inject the firmware's code uses yellows8's wiiu_browserhax_fright and is a direct implementation of two distinct vulnerabilities documented by hykem, naehrwert and plutoo. The exploit is compiled using a stripped down version of the libwiiu project and is triggered from the Wii U's Web Browser.'"
Posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2016 @ 09:44:43 GMT (979 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

haxchi released by smea
wii u modrobert writes: "smea has released haxchi/contenthax on GitHub, a trivial way to achieve persistent WiiU code execution (one method for doing 'coldboothax') by using an exploit for the Nintendo DS virtual console emulator. Credit to smea, plutoo, yellows8, naehrwert and derrek."
Posted on Monday, November 07, 2016 @ 12:20:22 GMT (762 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

NEOSD - The first Neo Geo flashcart released
neo geo modrobert writes: "Alex from the NEOSD team just sent information to me about NEOSD which is the first flashcart ever released for Neo Geo MVS. The official shop where you can buy this is

Razoola, the UniBIOS legend of fame, has written an extensive review over at which I recommend reading. Looks like the NEOSD team designed a really compatible product, partial quote from Razoola: 'I have thrown everything that comes to mind to try and find a weakness in the way the NeoSD is working compared to the original Kof2003 cartridge. Something where I could say this is not 100% right in how the game plays but I cannot find anything. As it stands now there is only a difference I can think of. That is if I were to put the PCBs of an original KOF2003 and the NeoSD next to each other they look different. That is how close and impressive the NeoSD is.' Read on for official features...

Posted on Monday, November 07, 2016 @ 08:59:12 GMT (1009 reads)
(Read More... | 3087 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 4.28)

PS3 backups running on OFW v4.70
ps3 modrobert writes: "This just in from GaryOPA over at, to quote: 'Amazing news this morning for the PlayStation 3 scene, thanks to well written tutorial on the Russian PSPX Scene site, we can now all enjoy playing pirated (sorry, backups) games on our original v4.70 PS3 firmware, without the need of any ODE or other MODS, just follow the steps and enjoy playing your games, and this will greatly help out those with newer PS3 Slim's that can't be downgraded to custom firmwares, and for those that hate all that disc-swapping that ODE needs on the later firmwares and slims.' Read the whole article with tutorial here."
Posted on Sunday, November 06, 2016 @ 18:05:29 GMT (1385 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

The corrupt red screen browser system
general modrobert writes: "After seeing whole sites affected by the 'red screen' browser warning, for example, several console hacking related files on GitHub, and now finally the EurAsia download section, I thought it was high time to write a story. The file signature/checksum system the common browsers like Firefox and Chrome uses is corrupted by market forces. Files which clearly are harmless to the user are reported as malicious by business alliances protecting copyright or other interests, which then leads to the 'red screen' warning in the browser. As most of you probably already know, when it comes to antivirus, anything bypassing copyright protection measures (eg. cracks, keygenerators) are already flagged by all major AV vendors. The new thing here is the automated browser procedure (with similarities to the YouTube flag system) where the site owner (content provider) has the burden of proof.

red screen
Posted on Friday, November 04, 2016 @ 09:24:51 GMT (2623 reads)
(Read More... | 4414 bytes more | 15 comments | Score: 4.87)

The idealist vision behind taiHEN
psvita [source: Davee @] Firstly, my congratulations to the HENkaku KOTH solvers: Mike H. and st4rk. I hope you guys enjoyed the KOTH and gained meaningful experience from the challenge. As promised, we will release the source of HENkaku. Furthermore, youíve probably heard about taiHEN - the latest release from team molecule. Maybe youíve read Yifan Luís excellent blog post, explored the taiHEN website and even tested out the taiHENkaku beta but still feel somewhat disappointed in the release. Don't worry, I knew this would be met with mixed expectations. Here I will try to explain the high level decisions behind taiHENís vision.
Posted on Thursday, November 03, 2016 @ 04:04:48 GMT (670 reads)
(Read More... | 7720 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

taiHEN: CFW Framework for PS Vita
psvita [source:] Ever since I first bought the Vita, I have dreamed of running a custom firmware on it. I donít mean just getting kernel code running. I want an infrastructure for adding hooks and patches to the system. I want a system for patching that was properly designed (or actually has a design), clean, efficient, and easy to use. That way, firmware patches arenít a list of hard coded offset and patches. Iíve seen hacks that busy loops the entire RAM looking for a version string pattern so it can replace it with a custom text. Iíve seen hacks that redirect the ďopenĒ syscall so every file open path is string compared with a list of files to redirect. The examples go on and on. Needless to say, good software design is not a strong point for console hacking. For HENkaku, we did not commit any major software development sins, but the code was not perfect. It had hard coded offsets everywhere, abuse of C types, and lots of one-off solutions to problems but it got the job done. Part of the reason we didnít want to release the source right away was that we didnít want people to build on that messy code-base (the other reason was the KOTH challenge). I remember the dark days of 3DS hacking where every homebrew that needed kernel access would just bundle in the exploit code. This is why I decided to create taiHEN.
Posted on Thursday, November 03, 2016 @ 03:33:50 GMT (652 reads)
(Read More... | 7632 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

PS3OS v4.81 released
ps3 modrobert writes: "Sony has released PS3 Original FirmWare update v4.81 via PSN (SEN) which is mandatory. I have updated the Ps3OsRels wiki as usual where the updates also can be downloaded, or at least could be at one point. This time there was an incremental update (PS3PATCH.PUP). In related news, Evilnat is working on his spoofer, quote from Twitter: '[SEN Enabler v6.0.3] will be released tomorrow with 4.81 spoof if all goes fine without issues, i can't do it at this moment.' [UPDATE:] SEN Enabler released, download here, as usual."
Posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2016 @ 04:58:04 GMT (698 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

X2016 C64 Demo Party Results
commodore modrobert writes: "Last night I checked the competition results for the X'2016 exclusive C64 demo party in the Netherlands, most of the stuff just blew me away. You easily forget the Commodore 64 is an 8-bit computer with 64 KB RAM running at roughly 1 MHz when you see the magic these groups have released. Besides pushing the hardware beyond its limits, the graphics and music design is incredible, pure art in its own right. You can see the hard work, dedication and love which went into each release. Picking a winner must be hard when the quality is so high and even. My personal favorites among the demos were Monumentum, Lunatico and Wonderland XIII, but all the releases are worth checking out. Thanks goes to vedos in #eur @ EFnet for the heads up and nudge in the right direction. Read on for the final results in glorious ASCII format...

Song for the Dead
Posted on Monday, October 31, 2016 @ 05:23:09 GMT (905 reads)
(Read More... | 9532 bytes more | 4 comments | Score: 5)

PS4OS v04.050.000 released
ps4 modrobert writes: "Sony has released PS4 Firmware Update v04.050.000 via PSN (SEN). I wonder if this includes a patch for the recent Chinese exploit to run Linux on PS4 with firmware 4.01? I have updated the Ps4OsRels wiki as usual where the updates also can be downloaded, or at least could be at one point in time."
Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 @ 03:16:16 GMT (700 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

3DS firmware v11.2.0-35 released
3ds modrobert writes: "Nintendo just released firmware 11.2.0-35 for 3DS. As far as hacking goes something is bound to be patched, so avoid updating before we know more. On the bright side, Sky3DS seems to be working fine: ' * It's confirmed! sky3DS/sky3DS+ can support the newest 3DS V11.2.0-35 (10/25/2016)' It looks like the Sky3DS team really nailed the hardware emulation of an original game cart with their latest Sky3DS+ flashcard design, several official firmware updates down the road, still going strong."
Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 09:39:12 GMT (739 reads)
(Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 0)

Linux on v4.01 PS4 at #GeekPwn2016
ps4 modrobert writes: "I just got word that a security research team proved Linux is possible on newer PlayStation 4 firmware versions at #GeekPwn2016! You can read the whole story written by GaryOPA over at Apparently Geohot (famous for iPhone and PS3 hacking in the past) made a cameo at their presentation, interesting stuff. ;) "
Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 08:18:34 GMT (1007 reads)
(Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 0)

PS2 Linux v3.8 by Maximus3
ps2 [source: STLcardsWS @] PS2 Development Scene is still healthy here in 2016 as we continue to see improvements and new releases. This time around we have Ps2Linux v3.8 from Maximus32 with plenty of improvements in various area's. Checkout all the details and get the penguin up and running on your PS2 Console.

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2016 @ 09:06:35 GMT (864 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

WiiUBru news roundup...
wii u modrobert writes: "pwsincd from WiiUBru has posted important news over at Partial quote: 'Today, one very important thing is being 'officially' released: CFW Booter - A .elf file for the Homebrew Launcher which will boot a custom fw.img off the root of the SD card. In other words, this is a stable version of the long-coveted 'IOSU exploit' for 5.5.x users only !! As usual, the file can be downloaded here or on the Homebrew App Store. If your Wii U isn't set up at all for homebrew, you can visit on your Wii U. However! A 'CFW Booter' is not useful without a modified fw.img file to use it with... Thanks to the effort of @smealum several months ago, and his release of iosuhax, making a fw.img with modified patches is as easy as reading and running his code. Anyone can do this now using the above booter, BUT if you use random fw.img's lying around, that's at your own risk.'


Note: For full story with links, the EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2016 @ 07:18:50 GMT (804 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

HENkaku KOTH Solved
psvita [source:] When HENkaku was first released, we posed to the community the KOTH challenge to get more hackers interested in the Vita. This week, two individuals have separately completed the challenge and are the new kings of Vita hacking! Mike H. and st4rk both proved that they have the final encryption key, showing that they solved the kernel ROP chain. I highly recommend reading their respective posts as they give some great insight into how hacking works. I also know of a third group who might have also completed the challenge but wishes to keep quiet for now. Congratuations to them too!
Posted on Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 16:42:00 GMT (749 reads)
(Read More... | 23538 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

Brazilian WiiU Game Sharing Trick
wii u modrobert writes: "When first reading briefly about this 'hack' from Brazil a few days ago I must admit dismissing it as a product of the Wii U OTP dump via IOSU exploit, as in someone just using the keys from OTP (aka Boot ROM) to sign game specific data to run from hard drive. My mistake, turns out the timing of the release just happened to be after Donald_Trump released the OTP dumper, not really related, or is it? I'm still not sure how this method works exactly except that it involves eShop tickets and several other steps. You can find more info about the Brazilian hack in this forum topic. Thanks goes to GaryOPA over at for the heads up.

BumBum from Brazil
Posted on Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 10:19:09 GMT (851 reads)
(Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 5)

Progress in the public IOSU hacking!
wii u modrobert writes: "Thanks to Hillary_Clinton (yes, she is apparently good for something besides instigating war) over at there is significant progress in the public research into IOSU on the WiiU. As mentioned in my previous story about what the IOSU is and why it is important, several hackers have successfully exploited the IOSU in the past, but have so far refused to share their findings.

Quote Hillary_Clinton: 'I didn't find the IOSU syscall table myself, although I understand how it must have been found. The syscall handler is installed at address 0xFFFF0004. It is located at 0x0812DD6C. You can see that at address 0x0812DDF4 the syscall handler loads the address of the syscall table (0x081419F0) and uses the syscall number as an index into this table to find the address of the code for that particular syscall. That's how the syscall table and the code for each syscall must have been found. The negative value of the root hub index: it was just an arbitrary value that I chose to make the read end up in the middle of MEM1. I knew from reading the vulnerable code in IDA that a root hub structure is 0x144 bytes and that the root hub structures were located in IOS-USB's internal structure at offset 0x39EC. I knew the structure must have been located at the beginning of IOS-USB's local process heap at 0x10146060, but I didn't know where exactly at the time so I just sprayed the area in MEM1 where I thought it would read from with the appropriate values. I didn't know whether the read from MEM1 would actually work; I just tried it and it worked. I knew where MEM1 was mapped on the PPC side and the ARM side from reading the wiiubrew wiki.'

This is great news for the future of game loaders such as loadiine on WiiU where no browser exploit will be needed, and games can be loaded from USB port instead of SD card slot."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 11:39:54 GMT (1291 reads)
(Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 5)

PS4OS v04.010.000 released...hmm...
ps4 modrobert writes: "Sony has released PS4 Firmware Update v04.010.000 via PSN (SEN). Normally I wouldn't care enough to post news about official updates except this time it was special [playing: Beethoven's 5th Symphony], the update is only for PS4 with product id CUSA0xxxx (whatever that is?). If you know more, please post a reply in this forum topic, or comment on the news story. I have updated the Ps4OsRels wiki as usual where the updates also can be downloaded, or at least could be at one point in time."
Posted on Tuesday, October 04, 2016 @ 05:43:09 GMT (1508 reads)
(Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 5)



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