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Category: Main/Patches/XBOX

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show link download via http boXplorer G partition patch 
Description: boXplorer patch for full G drive functionality. Unfortunately, you sacrifice Z drive functionality. Apply PPF patch to original boXplorer (xbox) default.xbe.
Author: Unknown Version: N/A Filesize: 1177 bytes
Uploaded on: 2003-09-28 @ 18:50 GMT Downloads: 693
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show link download via http DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball nude patch #1  Popular
Description: "Dead or Alive - Xtreme Beach Volleyball" (NTSC) nude patch #1 for XBOX. This release includes patch by DOZI/MIRAGE/VERSAPACK for datadvd.afs and nude hack mod for default.xbe. The girls have no bikini tanline, nipples on their tits, aligned assholes and cute pussy. Patch files are in PPF3 format, ppf-o-matic3.exe for windows is included in rar file.
Author: ThE DeViLs AdVoCaTe Version: N/A Filesize: 631792 bytes
Uploaded on: 2003-08-08 @ 14:16 GMT Downloads: 2861 Rating: 4 (4 Votes)
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me) | Comments (2)

show link download via http DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball nude patch #2  Popular
Description: "Dead or Alive - Xtreme Beach Volleyball" (NTSC) nude patch #2 for XBOX. This release includes patch by Qxboxmod for datadvd.afs. It requires a nude/money hack mod for default.xbe. Some of the girls have bikini tanlines. All girls have detailed tits with nipples, assholes, clit and pussy. Patch file is in PPF3 format, ApplyPPF3.exe for windows is included in rar file.
Author: Qxboxmod Version: N/A Filesize: 631792 bytes
Uploaded on: 2003-08-08 @ 14:33 GMT Downloads: 3235 Rating: 5 (10 Votes)
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me) | Comments (4)

show link download via http FBA-XXX Pro patch 
Description: FBA-XXX Pro is an attempt to re-work FBA-XXX. Its focus is on using the most up-to-date drivers and romsets rather than adding lots of extra options and fancy new features. It is primarily based on FBA-XXXb5 though it does use code from older versions, newer versions, and other sources to achieve best possible performance and compatibility. When a new official FBA-XXX is released FBA-XXX Pro will be updated with the most beneficial changes (bugfixes and such) but the codebase itself will not change. Since the main focus of this build is to use the newest released rom dumps, it is perhaps unsuitable for more casual gamers who just want to play the games in any form and don't really care whether their roms are accurate and up-to-date or not. FBA-XXX Pro also supports alot of additional clone sets which most people probably aren't interested in unless they're serious about ROM collecting. For the sake of convenience the FBA-XXX Pro IPS patch will always work with the latest official build. The one in this archive is intended to be applied to the unpatched 27.02.2005 release of FBA-XXX. So basically you just extract, replace the included 'default.ips' file with this one, and run 'patchme!!.bat'.
Author: + T + Version: 2005-02-27 Filesize: 2005118 bytes
Uploaded on: 2005-03-06 @ 08:26 GMT Downloads: 349
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http Halo One Debug Xbe Hack 
Description: The Halo retail xbe hacked to allow XDK debug features under some hacked debug bioses, like Tatx.
Author: Adolif Version: 2010-08-04 Filesize: 15219466 bytes
Uploaded on: 2010-08-05 @ 05:19 GMT Downloads: 160
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http MS Dash v4920 DVD Region Free PPF3 patch 
Description: M$ Dashboard DVD Region Free Patch in PPF3 format for M$ Dashboard v4920. Use "ppf-o-matic 3" or applyppf3 to apply this patch to your xboxdash.xbe file.
Author: Unknown Version: N/A Filesize: 864 bytes
Uploaded on: 2003-08-29 @ 04:43 GMT Downloads: 863
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http PSO OfflinePatch 
Description: This is an Offline Patch for the xbox game Phantasy Star Online.
Author: Syringe Version: 1 Filesize: 3437106 bytes
Uploaded on: 2005-05-29 @ 05:43 GMT Downloads: 965 Rating: 9 (3 Votes)
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me) | Comments (3)

show link download via http X-Wizard 2.8 Softmod Fix 
Description: This is a Softmod FIX for the X-Wizard 2.8 Multidash autoinstaller. Includes PPF3 patch for the iso release. Fixed: You'll never see error 21 when MS dash will load.
Author: Lorenz Version: 2.8 Filesize: 27676 bytes
Uploaded on: 2005-06-17 @ 04:13 GMT Downloads: 574
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http XBoyAdvance update 
Description: Updated default.xbe for XBoyAdvance v23 - GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator for XBox. New in this rel: Increased frame rate.
Author: cmkn1983 Version: 2013-10-01 Filesize: 817096 bytes
Uploaded on: 2013-10-03 @ 07:12 GMT Downloads: 98
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http Xcommander G drive patch 
Description: I took Xeero's lead and made this patch for XCommander (my file manager of choice) to use your G drive. Like the boXplorer patch, you lose access to the Z drive. Apply PPF patch to original xbox XCommander.xbe file.
Author: heinrich Version: N/A Filesize: 1236 bytes
Uploaded on: 2003-09-29 @ 04:55 GMT Downloads: 309
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http xdrf ppf patches v1.04 
Description: Here are the ppf3 patches from the 'xboxdash dvd region free patch disc v1.04' for xboxdash.xbe. Includes "undo patch" data.
Author: modrobert Version: 1.04 Filesize: 7289 bytes
Uploaded on: 2004-05-17 @ 17:09 GMT Downloads: 497
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http xSorRv5 all unlocked savegame 
Description: A game save for the Xbox version of Streets of Rage Remake v5 which has all characters, items and options unlocked.
Author: Unknown Version: 2011-05-12 Filesize: 574 bytes
Uploaded on: 2011-11-27 @ 14:15 GMT Downloads: 98
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)

show link download via http Xyanide xbe 480p ppf patch XBOX 
Description: Xyanide is a unique 2D Shoot-em-up (Shmup) that is like a mix between Gradius and Robotron. The game runs nativly in widescreen format, but only in 480i (interlaced) mode! This patch fixes that, making the game run in 480p (progressive). This PPF patch is for the default.xbe file only. Don't use this patch on an ISO of the game. Just apply it to the default.xbe of Xyanide with PPF 3.0 from
Author: highway Version: XBE Filesize: 835 bytes
Uploaded on: 2006-09-23 @ 15:24 GMT Downloads: 208 Rating: 9 (1 Vote)
Rate Resource | Report Broken | Details (link me)



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