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EurAsia : Index » » PSVITA » » How to properly back up your PSVita’s activation files!
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Author How to properly back up your PSVita’s activation files!


Registered: 2003-10-17
From: Bangkok
Messages: 6388
Status: Online
 _#35589 posted 2017-08-02 @ 17:32 GMT   
Activation for PSVita users is very important and for some people, a Vita without activation is just an expensive brick. Without a doubt, one of the most important things that activation lets you use is Adrenaline, the eCFW hack for the PSVita, that allows you to play PSP/PSX games.

Why should I back up my activation files?

Backing up your activation files is very important since you won’t be able to play any PSP games, digital PSVita games and use PSVita apps that you got from PSN without it. This also means that there will be no Adrenaline/ARK/VHBL for you!

Sony decided to mess up activation on the PSVita for those on firmware 3.60 a few days so even ePSP bubble installer won’t be able to activate your Vita! You also shouldn’t log into PSN since some have reported that Sony has been nuking activation data… The PS3 activation method doesn’t work either!
How do I backup my activation files then?

First of all, you need the following:

An FTP client, such as WinSCP, on your computer (you may use an Android device or a jailbroken iOS device). USB via VitaShell won’t be enough since you can only view ux0: with that.
Your PSVita/PSTV at hand.
A little bit of time (shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes).
Make a folder (I called mine “Vita Activation Life Support”) for the files you need to get from your Vita as listed below.

After connecting to your PSVita via FTP, grab the following files:

ur0:/user/00/np/myprofile.dat (not needed for activation but it’s needed if you want to use Remote Play even if you can’t use PSN)

While most sources tell you to just backup “tm0:/npdrm/act.dat”, some have reported that it’s not enough to get your PSVita’s activation back if you do a full restore (thus you can’t run Adrenaline). If you have multiple Vitas/PSTVs, you have to repeat the process for every console even if they are on the same account! Keep backups of your files on external media and cloud services like Dropbox/Google Drive.

Backing up activation files via WinSCP
Conclusion and consolation for those who lost their files/didn’t get a Vita on time

If you had used Account Switcher before, your activation files are safe (if you hadn’t deleted them)! Just get them from “ux0:/data/AccountSwitcher”

If you had used Account Manager before, your activation files are safe too. Just get them from “ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001”

For those who can’t get their Vita activated because they just got it or because they lost their files, TheFlow has said that he could make Adrenaline work without needing activation so not all hope is lost!

For the time being, avoid changing accounts and connecting to PSN (you can’t download games anyway – backup any legitimate digital games to QCMA if you still want to use your legitimate copy)! Connecting to Wi-Fi and using it without connecting to PSN is still perfectly safe. Don’t deactivate your Vita please..

WinSCP download link:

Reddit post where I got some info for this article (thanks goes to Reddit users “Tech_Tomas”, “nota16er” and “wmxp”):

Reddit post where TheFlow mentioned that he could make Adrenaline work without needing activation (don’t bother him for an ETA or a quick release please!):

Source: Aurora @
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