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EurAsia : Index PS3 PS3Xploit CFW 4.82 NOR/NAND flash writer released!
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Author PS3Xploit CFW 4.82 NOR/NAND flash writer released!


Registered: 2003-10-17
From: Bangkok
Messages: 6479
Status: Online
 _#35773 posted 2017-11-24 @ 18:16 GMT   
Team PS3Xploit over at has released software tools for dumping and writing NOR/NAND flash on PS3 consoles with original firmware (OFW) 4.82 based on the previously released webkit exploit! Dumping supports both OFW 4.81 and 4.82. The PS3Xploit development team behind this impressive feat consists of: W (nonoscript, Research & Testing), esc0rtd3w (Debugging, Research & Testing), habib (ROP & Debugging), bguerville (ROP/nonoscript & Debugging). These tools allow dumping, patching and overwriting original firmware (OFW) 4.82 with a custom firmware (CFW). If the QA flag is enabled after installing CFW 4.82 it can also be downgraded to lower CFW version. However, not all PS3 models are supported, here's a brief list of the currently supported ones...

Dumper: PHAT models supported; H=NOR, J=NOR, K=NOR, L=NOR, M=NOR, P=NOR, Q=NOR. SLIM models supported; 20XX = NOR, 21XX = NOR, 25XX = NOR, 3XXX = NOR, 4XXXB = NOR, 4XXXC = NOR.

Writer: PHAT models supported; A = NAND, B = NAND, C = NAND, E = NAND, G = NAND, H = NOR, J = NOR, K = NOR, L = NOR, M = NOR, P = NOR, Q = NOR. SLIM models supported; 20XX = NOR, 21XX = NOR, 25XX = NOR (fw 3.56 and lower).

Warning: Do not use this on 3xxx/4xxx PS3 models (aka Late Slim models / SuperSlim), you will brick those consoles! Also, this is only for PS3 with previously installed OFW 4.82, not CFW.

There is a chance of bricking your console, just be aware of the risks. For more info check the news post over at The files can be downloaded here at EurAsia.

PS3 OFW 4.82 NAND/NOR Downgrader v1.0

Courtesy of:
W (Javascript, Research & Testing)
esc0rtd3w (Debugging, Research & Testing)
bguerville (ROP Chaining/Javascript & Debugging)
Habib (ROP Chaining & Debugging)

More Info at:

You have to make sure the correct flsh.hex file is on the flash drive and in the far right USB slot!

4.82 flsh.hex MD5: 8e156c99101bf36ec3edb832982ae46d

It's essential not to flood the browser memory with junk before running the exploit. The reason for this is that due to javascript core memory usage limitations we are scanning several times a small range of browser memory (a few Mb) to find some essential data in RAM, if the memory is flooded then the range to scan becomes much larger & the probabilities that our data is found in the smaller range decrease dramatically....

So in short, never use the browser or set a homepage you cancel before running the exploit!
If you need to, set the homepage to 'blank', close the browser then reopen it to start the flash writer.

Usage Tips:
1) Try using a LAN connection or a solid WiFi connection during exploitation. A weak signal can cause problems.
2) If the exploit takes more than 5 minutes to work, reload page, browser, or restart console and try again.
3) If you are using a LAN connection and experience network issues, make sure all cables to router are in working order.


1. Setup a small Web server on pc or smartphone. A custom miniweb application has been created by Aldo, and supplied to host files if you would like to use it. Don't come to us for explanations about how to run a http server though. Google it.

2. Extract the files from release to your http server root folder.

3. Copy the "flsh.hex" file from release folder to root of flash drive.

4. Put a FAT32 USB key in port closest to BD Drive (/dev_usb000).

5. DOUBLE-CHECK your flash drive on XMB to make sure it shows up under Music, Photos, Videos, etc.

6. Open the ps3 browser, press start & write the ip address of your server (and the port if not 80) & the name of the appropriate file ie
nand-4.82.html for NAND consoles (Phat Models Axx/Bxx/Cxx/Exx/Gxx) or nor-482.html for NOR consoles (Phat Models Hxx/Jxx/Kxx/Lxx/Mxx/Pxx/Qxx & Slim Models 2xxx (minver 3.56 or lower ONLY, check with minverchk.pup).
For example: on NOR consoles.

7. Click on the button and wait for PS3 to power down. DO NOT STOP THE PROCESS ONCE STARTED!!

8. Once PS3 has powered down, reboot console and install CFW matching OFW version. If installing through XMB does not work, boot to recovery and install.

- Initial Release. Supports Direct OFW to CFW patching for All Phat and 2xxx Slim (minver 3.56 Dec 2010 and lower)

  _____________________________ ____________     __________________ /\________
  \    __________________      \      _____/____/     _    \       /_        /
 /     /       |       l/     _/    ____)     _/      _     \     \/  cREAM /
/______________l_______/       \______________\_______|      \_   /________/
 -+--Mo!-------------- \________/ ------------------- l_______/_____\ -----+-

 Profile  pm  www    Quote


Registered: 2004-08-28
From: America
Messages: 67
Status: Offline
 _#35774 posted 2017-11-25 @ 03:36 GMT   
Awesome, thanks to all who put in all that work!!! I thought it would be sometime next year before it gets released. I got it to work after several attemps on a cechL01. Looking forward to when my other PS3 superslim becomes hackable as well.

Might be time to up the hack rating for the PS3.

[ This message was edited by johnnyneb on 2017-11-25 @ 03:50 GMT ]

 Profile  pm    Quote


Registered: 2003-10-17
From: Bangkok
Messages: 6479
Status: Online
 _#35775 posted 2017-11-25 @ 08:24 GMT   
When PS3 SuperSlim (CECH-4xxx) is exploited for latest firmware I might consider updating the Hack-O-Meter. Still, the highest rating normally requires both hardware and software hacks fully disabling any protection in the system, this is not the case for PS3.
  _____________________________ ____________     __________________ /\________
  \    __________________      \      _____/____/     _    \       /_        /
 /     /       |       l/     _/    ____)     _/      _     \     \/  cREAM /
/______________l_______/       \______________\_______|      \_   /________/
 -+--Mo!-------------- \________/ ------------------- l_______/_____\ -----+-

 Profile  pm  www    Quote


Registered: 2015-02-19
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
 _#35776 posted 2017-11-25 @ 13:50 GMT   
Excellent solution for original Fat consoles, cheers to all involved in putting this together. So far applied successfully on a C03, G03 A03(NTSC Jap) that had been hanging around waiting for some Teensy treatment. On the downside the temptation might now be for people not to open the console and give it a good clean and re-paste during the downgrade process. I've seen some disgusting examples over the years! Looking forward to the 4.83 update that 'Improves the quality of the system performance'

 Profile  pm    Quote


Registered: 2003-10-17
From: Bangkok
Messages: 6479
Status: Online
 _#35780 posted 2017-12-01 @ 15:16 GMT   
aldostools posted a brief tutorial over at

A-First confirm with MinChkVer PUP that your console is compatible.
* If your console is Super Slim or if it shows a min version equal to 3.60 or higher, your console is NOT compatible, and you will brick your console if you continue with the following steps.
* If your PS3 Slim shows 3.56 or a lower version, you can continue.
* If your PS3 is a phat model, IT IS compatible and don't need to check the min version.

* Also verify what type of flash has your SKU model: NAND or NOR

B-MAKE SURE that you put flsh.hex in the root of a pendrive and you inserted it in the port closest to the Bluray drive (usb0) and that the external device is visible on XMB on the music/video/picture columns.

* If the device does not show, the PS3 will freeze when you run the exploit. Restart the console and everything will be fine.
* For a safest process, verify that the MD5 of flsh.hex on your USB is 8E156C99101BF36EC3EDB832982AE46D

C-Web Server Setup:
1-Extract the zip file of NAND/NOR Writer for 4.82 in a folder on the desktop
2-Open the folder and create a new folder named: htdocs
3-Select the files "nand-482.html", "nor-482.html" and "xp_rel_writer10.js", CUT the files and PASTE them inside the folder htdocs
4-Run miniweb.exe server. Allow access it if your firewall prompts for it.
5- Access the server from the PS3 browser using the IP shown as host in the server window.

Or skip all these steps and simply use from the PS3 browser.

D-Set the url for the nand or nor html as homepage of the PS3 browser, clean the cache, close the browser and open it again.

* Alternatively set as homepage:

E-Click the button and wait until the process complete and the PS3 shutsdown. It should take no more than 10 minutes.

* DO NOT STOP the process once it have been started.

* If it takes more than 10 minutes or if it show success without turn off the PS3 automatically, restart the console and repeat the process again. You can repeat it multiple times, it eventually will work.

F- If success, put any CFW 4.82 or Rebug 4.81.2 with Syscon 4.82 on /PS3/UPDATE.PUP in your usb drive an install it from XMB or recovery.

* Remember to eject any DISC from the Bluray drive before install CFW.
* Once in CFW, enable the QA Flags... it will be useful if you need to change CFW later.
* Also install Rebug Toolbox and get your eid_root_key as one of the first things.
* Create a new user without PSN and set it as default user. It will prevent accidental auto-login that could cause a ban from PSN.
* Never login to PSN with syscalls enabled... Always use SEN Enabler, PSNpatch or webMAN MOD to disable the syscalls before play online.
* Do not cheat if you go online and enjoy CFW!

[ This message was edited by modrobert on 2017-12-01 @ 15:29 GMT ]
  _____________________________ ____________     __________________ /\________
  \    __________________      \      _____/____/     _    \       /_        /
 /     /       |       l/     _/    ____)     _/      _     \     \/  cREAM /
/______________l_______/       \______________\_______|      \_   /________/
 -+--Mo!-------------- \________/ ------------------- l_______/_____\ -----+-

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