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EurAsia : Index » » Wii U » » Announcing Wii U USBHelper
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Author Announcing Wii U USBHelper


Registered: 2003-10-17
From: Bangkok
Messages: 6161
Status: Offline
 _#35103 posted 2017-01-26 @ 06:45 GMT   
Finally, a 1-Step Easy Way to Get Your Wii U Digital Games totally for FREE thanks to the kindness of Nintendo's servers!

You all must of hear of Free-eShop for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, well now there is basically the same thing available for the Wii U console!

Nintendo is not going to be very happy about this one, with all the info now out regarding the Wii U console, which first all started with the Brazilian modders figuring out how easy it was to change the 'ticket' system on the Wii U from DISC based to eShop BASED, and then more info leaked out regarding keys, and we started to see CFW installs and more, and then some simple command line tools to mod the 'tickets' to allow games to be installed onto your USB drive with backups ripped from your own Wii U disc drive, but now its even easier to become a full-fledged game pirate on your Nintendo Wii U, thanks to the recent release of the Wii U USB Helper for Windows and soon to be out also for Android devices, you can now thanks to kindness of Nintendo's servers grab all your Wii U games digitally direct from them onto your external USB HDD, and then just plug&play onto your Wii U for tons of FREE entertainment!

What is USB Helper?

* This program can be used to download Wii U games directly from Nintendo’s servers.
* Of course, we at do not support piracy and hope you will use this tool wisely.
* Consequently, we will not provide the required link to use the application since it contains copyrighted material called “tickets”.
* It is compatible with Windows and Linux (some additional steps might be required).

Okay, where do I get it?

Just click this link to download: -->

You might also want to check out Wii U USB Transfer Tool, which will allow to send games to your Wii U via the network!

I am also please to announce that Wii U USB Helper GO! will come to android devices very soon, stay tuned!

Source: GaryOPA @

Official site:
  _____________________________ ____________     __________________ /\________
  \    __________________      \      _____/____/     _    \       /_        /
 /     /       |       l/     _/    ____)     _/      _     \     \/  cREAM /
/______________l_______/       \______________\_______|      \_   /________/
 -+--Mo!-------------- \________/ ------------------- l_______/_____\ -----+-

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Registered: 2003-05-16
Messages: 32
Status: Offline
 _#35109 posted 2017-01-29 @ 07:37 GMT

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