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 qoob SX bundle GC
 USD $45.00  USD $35.00 
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 qoob SX bundle GC

qoob SX modchip for GameCube with support for all regions; DOL-001 USA, JPN, EUR, DOL-101 and the Panasonic Q. Comes in a ESD-bag with installationwires and 3D Sticker.

Hardware specs:
qoob SX
1 = Installation wires connector
2 = High speed - ultra secure Actel FPGA
3 = 1 MBit Flash

The qoob SX main PCB is designed to fit perfectly into the GC inner spaces without covering any ventilation holes ("I"-shape).


  • Direct boot of all media, without swapping!
  • Supports all regions PAL / USA / JAP
  • DVD Disc upgradeable
  • Network(*) upgradeable
  • Bios selection/control supported
  • Supports all retail hardware (DOL-001 USA, JPN, EUR and DOL-101)
  • Fastboot of original discs
  • Compatible with other IPL replacements, allowing homebrew development via SD card (**) and/or network (*)
  • Supports homebrew and open-source coding
  • Integrated media compatabilty check (checks all sectors of inserted media)
  • Streaming Audio Fix
  • Easy Installation, only 6 wires (no soldering on qoob chip required, special cable included)
  • Multicolor graphical user interface for easy operation
  • 1MBit on-board Flash to store homebrew applications
  • High secure - low power Actel FPGA
  • Including ESD-bag, installationwires and 3D Sticker
  • Supports multi-game discs (game compilations on one disc)
  • Supports multi-disc games (games on more than one disc)
  • Supports Panasonic Gamecube

(*) BBA required
(**) SD card adapter required

You can find diagrams for download here and firmware here.

"GameCube " is a trademark of the Nintendo corporation.

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For more information, please visit this products webpage.
Product added on Thursday 28 April, 2005. Click on image for detailed view.

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