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Screwdriver GC/SNES
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 SuperCIC SNES kit
 USD $6.00 
  in stock  

 SuperCIC SNES kit

SuperCIC console "lock" component kit features a PIC16F630 microcontroller to cleverly utilize the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom) reset button as a PAL/NTSC region switch (no external switch needed) and it replaces the original CIC effectively disabling region protection, it also drives a Duo-LED (replacement for SNES red power LED) to display current region mode. SuperCIC is a project by ikari_01 where the code is free and open source. In honor of this concept we only charge a small fee for programming and packaging to keep the price low.


  • Microchip PIC16F630.
  • Configured to use the SNES crystal oscillator for stable timing.
  • Allows the region to be set and saved in EEPROM by holding the reset button.
  • Region can be set to 50Hz, 60Hz, or autodetect based on key CIC.
  • Selected region is indicated by LED color.
  • Optional ~9s timeout before switching from detected to forced region to trick most games. This feature can be enabled/disabled using a configuration pin on the lock.
  • Features "SuperCIC pair mode" when SuperCIC cart key version is installed in game cart.

Kit contents:
1x PIC16F630 DIP package (through-hole) programmed and ready to install
1x Duo-LED (common cathode, 3 pins) to replace the original SNES red LED
2x Resistor 180 Ohm @ 0.4W (1%) for Duo-LED operation
1x Resistor 10k Ohm @ 0.6W (1%) for optional CIC removal

You can find installation diagrams and code here. If you need help installing this kit you can find more info this forum topic.

"Super Nintendo Entertainment System" and "Super Famicom" are registered trademarks of the Nintendo corporation.

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Product added on Friday 10 April, 2015. Click on image for detailed view.

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