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Using Phantasy Star Online to upload programs to the Game Cube

This is not information on how to load a .gcm (GameCube Media) file, often referred to as an ISO. Instead I will explain how to upload program images written by homebrewers using assembly language, or C/C++ with a free, legal software library. These images are called 'DOLs' because of their file extension '.dol'

Necessary items

To upload programs to your Game Cube you need the following items:

  * A Game Cube
  * A Broadband Adapter
    Purchase from a local store, or from, or from
  * Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (Phantasy Star Online Episode III and Episode I & II Plus may also work with PSOload 2)
    Purchase from
  * PSOload 1.1, PSOload 2, or PSUL 1.0
  * A network cable

If you already have a network setup using a hub, switch, or router you must use a normal Ethernet cable to plug the Game Cube into the network. If you do not have a hub, switch, or router, but you do have a network card in your computer, you will need to plug the Game Cube directly into your computer's network card using a crossover cable. How to make ethernet cables.

You can download PSOload (and Cubesoft Phoenix) from EurAsia download section [here]. You need to be registered user to download, it is free.

If you are using Windows, go to and download PSUL 1.0 or PSOload 2.
If you are using Mac OS X go here:
If you are using Linux go here:

I'm going to assume that your computer's network card is set to the ip '' and you will set your Game Cube to the ip '' If your network card is already set to another ip address use that one instead and adjust the Game Cube ip so that they are both on the same subnet.

Setting up Phantasy Star Online

Note: You do not need to purchase a Hunter's License to use Phantasy Star Online for uploading programs. You will need a memory card with free space to do this.

   * At the main menu of Phantasy Star Online choose 'Options'
   * Choose 'Network Option'
   * Choose 'Provider Option'
   * Edit the network information settings and under Ethernet settings choose 'Manually set an IP address'
   * Set your Game Cube's IP address to ''
   * Set the subnet mask to ''
   * Set the router/gateway to ''
   * Set the primary DNS server to ''
   * Secondary DNS can be left blank.
   * Save this information and go back to the main menu.

Note: The first time you run PSUL or PSOload 2.0 you should use the '-s' option. This will save the Phantasy Star Online configuration to your memory card.

Using PSOload 1.1

testdemo2.dol is provided with PSOload 1.1, you can launch this from Windows or from the command line. In Windows click on testdemo2.dol and drag it onto PSOload.exe. From the command line type:

psoload testdemo2.dol

If all goes well you should see 'Waiting for connections (Press Ctrl-C to exit)...'. If you see 'DNS Server Error > Can't bind socket' then you have a DNS server running in the background, if you are using Internet Connection Sharing this may be the cause, try turning it off. You will also see this if you are running DNS server software. If you want to continue using your DNS server try adding the following entries:

These should all resolve to ''. (Note: you will need to run PSOload with the '-d' option to disable PSOload's builtin DNS server)

If you have more than one network card/connection in your computer and you can't seem to connect to your pc from the Game Cube try typing:

psoload -i192.168.0.1 testdemo2.dol
Using PSOload 2.0

The use of PSOload 2.0 is the same as 1.1 with the following added features: You can reload a DOL without rebooting the Game Cube and waiting for Phantasy Star Online to load. Do this by by including the '-r' option when running PSOload.

Using PSUL 1.0

The use of PSUL 1.0 is the same as PSOload 1.1.

Uploading a DOL

Once you have PSOload or PSUL running and waiting to accept a connection, go to your Game Cube and do the following:

  • At the main menu of Phantasy Star Online choose 'Online Game'
  • Choose the character you previously created.
  • Select 'Yes' when asked if you purchased a Hunter's License (Even if you don't have one)

The Game Cube should now connect to your PC and load the DOL.

by Angelo @

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