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By nucci @

Like most noobs I spent many hours, days, weeks, and even months reading these forums and downloading a ton of different apps/utils to make God of War, and GT4 work on HDL.

I must be one of the only people with a crappy Messaih MOD chip (however its spelled) All I know is thats what the kid told me was in it when I bought it off him.

Anyway I wrote a topic previously on here asking for help, and one nice member gave me some direction. Basically my PS2 doesn't seem to want to play Dual Layer Games at all. I'm pretty sure it needs a laser alignment but I don't want to take chances. I'm familar with opening my PC as I've built every computer I own and figured I'd try the ~WinHip Method.

Basically there are Tons of versions of HDL on this site and I've probably tried them all. A lot of people said in other forums that HDL v7c worked for them, but of course it didn't work for me.

Anyway I hope these following steps help others as it did me once I was pointed towards some of it, and have basically copy and pasted the instructions with some minor Ad ons of my own.

You will also need a working version of CDRWIN to burn the HDL Image. CDRWIN is not found on this site, that you're on your own with.

1st you will need to run some searches on this site in the downloads section.

Download the following 3 programs: -DVD Decrypter -~WinHip v 1.7.2 or newer -HDL MDMA

All of the above programs can be found on this site.

Once everything is downloaded and installed follow the steps below:

With your computer off open it up and connect your PS2 HD to an IDE cable inside your computer. I don't know if you can have an external and hook it up to a USB port or not. I don't have one.

1) Put the DVD9 game in your PC's DVD drive


3) Once the program opens go to "mode" then select "ISO', then "READ"

4) There is a HUGE button on the bottom left hand side of the app, its a picture of a DVD with an arrow to a HD, press that.

5) Choose where you want the game to be saved

6) wait until the program plays some jamaican music to say its "done"

7) close the program

8) open the program included in this pack called "WINHIIP"

12)click on "select drive" You should see a drive with brackets that say (PS2), select that one

13) wait for it to refresh your drive contents.

14) Click "add image" in the bottom left corner

15) Click "add image(s)" in the new window that opens.

16) Go to "C" drive or wherever it installed your game to and select it

17) CHange the name to whatever you want and enable any modes you think you may need, (I did not select any of the modes as prior games that I had installed did not require this) then tell it to "go"

18) wait about 5minutes (unless your computer blows and is really slow).

19) Turn off your PC

20) unplug your HDD and reinstall into the PS2

21) Burn the Image of HDL MDMA using CDRWIN

22) Put disk in your Modded PS2 boot up, and start playing until your eyes bleed.

The original writer of the above tuturial I believe goes by the name of: Stinky I don't know if he's a member here I've downloaded so much crap from this and other places but his tutorial did the trick. I added verry little to it.

He said you can use HDL v 7c but that didn't work on my system and seems from what I've read to give other people problems as well.

If your PS2 can play dual layer disks in the first place you might not need to do WinHIP with God of War I really don't know.

All I know is the above worked fine for me, and hopefully with most of the info all in one place might help save anyone else a month or so of reading like me.

I probably won't be much help with anything else I'm a noob myself, but persistance paid off for me by lots of trial and error.

Good Luck all.

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