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screen dumped from wiird console



I've converted the PPF patch for main.dol by vki to a Gecko cheat code (crack in this case) for those who wish to load New Super Mario Bros (unpatched/virgin) backup from disc with modchips like D2CKey, WiiKey, d2pro, d2lite, CycloWiz, yaosm, etc.

Good news when you are tired of waiting for modchip updates or maybe new modchips to be released and just want to install a minimal homebrew setup to run NSMB without needing the trucha bug or other cios crap.


This new cheat patches three offsets which is required by these modchips; first patch is same as the old cheat released where the instruction 'blr' is inserted to skip the error message routine, the other two are new and patches the 'ReadDiscBCA' drive command to just a plain 'Read' to prevent game load from freezing after green screen.


modchip crack NTSC

  • 041AF5D0 4E800020
  • 041D2D10 38A00071
  • 041D2D28 38800071

PAL (Europe/Australia/etc)

modchip crack PAL

  • 041AF710 4E800020
  • 041D2E50 38A00071
  • 041D2E68 38800071

The NTSC version works fine on my Wii with D2CKey and menu 4.2.


Brief tutorial for those who only have modchip installed without any homebrew running. Read the documentation included in the related files for more information.

First time installation:
1) Copy bannerbomb to the SD card.
2) Use bannerbomb to load Hackmii installer where you select to install The Homebrew Channel.
3) Install Gecko in The Homebrew Channel.
4) Copy the NSMB Gecko cheat code crack gct file for your region to the /codes directory on the SD card.
5) Load Gecko from The Homebrew Channel and enable cheat in the "Config Options".
6) Insert the New Super Mario Bros disc and select "Launch game".

Loading NSMB (after installation):
1) Load Gecko from The Homebrew Channel.
2) Insert the New Super Mario Bros disc and select "Launch game".

NOTE: This is for the unpatched/virgin disc (ISO) where no trucha bug is needed.



Now what?

Now when you have an excellent cheat system installed, why not try some of the game related cheats as well. You'll need this tool to convert the cheats to gcm files. Having Gecko installed is also nice when you want to load game titles cross region and force NTSC or PAL output.

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