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EurAsia: switch

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Atmosphere v0.8.0 released for Switch
switch modrobert writes: "SciresM has released Atmosphère 0.8.0 for Switch over at GitHub where keys for firmware 6.2.0 are automatically derived without user input. Read on for changelog..."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Friday, November 30, 2018 @ 03:16:40 GMT (2473 reads)
(Read More... | 3602 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 5)

Switch FW 6.2.0 keys out in the wild
switch modrobert writes: "SciresM has added support for Switch firmware 6.2.0 key generation to hactool v1.2.2. Quote from Twitter: 'A new hactool release has been posted, supporting 6.2.0+ key generation.' The new tsec_root_key was retrieved through an unpublished exploit and these changes were made to add support for the new firmware. Since the keys are still kept private there is currently no custom firmware out which supports 6.2.0, so keep that in mind while avoiding the update from Nintendo. Thanks goes to hitman43 for the heads up."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, November 26, 2018 @ 02:07:45 GMT (2428 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

Atmosphere v0.7.0 released for Switch
switch modrobert writes: "SciresM just released Atmosphère v0.7.0 which is a work-in-progress customized firmware for the Nintendo Switch. Quote SciresM: 'Releases should be a *lot* more frequent from now on. Enjoy! :) ' Check the project page for more information. Thanks goes to pOOBAH for the heads up."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 @ 15:47:46 GMT (1935 reads)
(Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 5)

Switch libnx 1.4.0 adds OpenGL support!
switch [source: jjbredesen @] One of the biggest leaps in the Switch homebrew scene is here! Hardware acceleration is now possible on Switch! The newest update to LibNX will now enable homebrew developers to take advantage of the GPU, enabling massive performance gains in exciting apps. This update also opens up the possibility of emulators for more powerful systems such as Gamecube, as well as 3D homebrew apps now being possible at playable frame rates. It is safe to say that this is a massive milestone for the community. Please be aware that apps need to be updated to support the new functionality, allow developers time to adapt. Massive thanks to Armada , Plutoo and everyone else who has contributed to making this possible.

LibNX OpenGL examples:

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, September 10, 2018 @ 09:26:13 GMT (1962 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

MAME 0.72 for the Nintendo Switch
switch modrobert writes: "Lantus has ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch with proper speed hacks and oldschool awesomeness. Also check his interesting video about how this port was made and reasoning behind design decisions."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, August 20, 2018 @ 13:52:01 GMT (2917 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

ReiNX custom firmware released for Switch
switch modrobert writes: "Reisyukaku over at has released a modular custom firmware for the Nintendo Switch that uses 'smart' patching for future proofing and just works.

* Loads all KIPs from /ReiNX/sysmodules/ directory
* Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot
* Exclusive ReiNX sysmodules


There is a tutorial with FAQ by Darth Meteos and you can find the download here with SD card files for Hekate and source code included."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 @ 07:50:36 GMT (2650 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

Nintendo Switch Modchip four wire install
switch modrobert writes: "Evilspem of the REBUG Team just posted a video on Twitter showing a four wire modchip install in action for the Nintendo Switch also known as 'SwitchMe Up!', it works by uploading payload via USB using RCM mode which then launches Hekate / Atmosphere. This open source hardware project has been going on for a while with the first board prototype posted in May 2018, the final board prototype in early July, and a more recent post with install photos from a complete working install. According to Evilsperm more info will be posted on the site soon.

SwitchMe Up! installed

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 @ 10:38:13 GMT (2854 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

Switch gamecard related projects on the rise
switch modrobert writes: "As Switch hacking shifts into high gear and changes focus from reversing/exploits/homebrew to gamecard backups lots of projects are now in heavy development. Just to mention a few; hacbuild with a bunch of separate XCI gamecard GUI tools depending on it (XCI Organizer, XCI Explorer, hactool GUI, XCI2TitleConverter, and more), along with modded Hekate implementations and optimized payload launchers for Android such as Rekado. Check for the latest Switch stuff in the download section using this search here at EurAsia, and don't forget the Switch technical forum. We also have Team Xecuter with their SX pro and SX OS product line on the commercial side of things with news posted in this forum topic also here at EurAsia. Please help out by posting updates in the forums if there are any, hard to keep track of it all."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, July 09, 2018 @ 17:44:52 GMT (2517 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

Nintendo Switch Banning Hub initiative...
switch modrobert writes: "As a growing number of Switch owners install exploits to run backups or homebrew, the inevitable ban wave is upon us. There is a lot of speculation about what the specific causes are for these bans, so Draxzelex over at has started a project in an attempt to map out the exact reasons for a ban. It's an interesting approach, but it could fail, for example if Nintendo uses a score based system in the console monitoring certain system events accumulating towards ban with a total score threshold, then no method is safe and the data collected to prevent ban would be useless. The reason to have some kind of score based ban system is not just about making it hard for the user to identify the cause, it also makes sense technically to reduce the risk of false ban on legit users."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2018 @ 12:06:03 GMT (2686 reads)
(Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 4)

Switch backup loading using hekate-ipl
switch modrobert writes: "I just got word that loading backups seems to be working on Nintendo Switch, check Jan4V's forum thread over at for more info. Quote: 'Note that saves don't work for me atm, you should wait for mememenu/similar. Minecraft works, others not tested.' There is also a video of the method in action posted on YouTube. Thanks goes to bombchomp and pOOBAH for the heads up. Read on for short tutorial..."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Friday, June 15, 2018 @ 17:57:26 GMT (3276 reads)
(Read More... | 1450 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

The Switch banning situation
switch modrobert writes: "Apparently Switch users with hacks installed to use homebrew are getting banned from accessing the eShop and online gaming related services. There is speculation this is triggered by accessing the Nintendo CDN (Content Delivery Network). Read the whole story over at"

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 05:37:56 GMT (2743 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Switch fireworks of exploits and rushed releases
switch modrobert writes: "This morning, after waking up a bit groggy, I checked my Twitter feed and it was like watching fireworks in reverse consisting of leaks, exploits, rushed releases and rage quitting hackers. You might wonder what triggered it all, so lets start with a little recap. Yesterday the Tegra X1 BootROM was released for Switch along with IDC debug info for IDA Pro, and various hackers started to play around with this including myself.

A few hours after this, not sure about the time frame, a bug for Tegra X1 was posted anonymously on (mirror). Quote: 'Tegra X1 RCM forgets to limit wLength field of 8 byte long Setup Packet in some USB control transfers. Standard Endpoint Request GET_STATUS (0x00) can be used to do arbitrary memcpy from malicious RCM command and smash the Boot ROM stack before signature checks and after Boot ROM sends UID. Need USB connection and way to enter RCM (Switch needs volume up press and JoyCon pin shorted).' Apparently this isn't just any bug, it's in hardware, and actually not possible for Nintendo to patch without releasing new console hardware.

The bug info somehow opened the floodgates; teams and individuals previously holding information regarding Switch suddenly released everything they had in a flurry. To name a few; plutoo, SciresM, ktemkin, and last but not least fail0verflow. The leaks and releases are still ongoing."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 @ 06:53:33 GMT (3470 reads)
(Read More... | 2248 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 5)

Skull and Crossbones Switch Package released
switch modrobert writes: "ub3r1337 over at has released the 'MaxConsole Underground Skull & Crossbones Nintendo Switch Package' including a key list for the Nintendo Switch which was collected from various public sources. The release includes hactool and HACToolGUI for Windows ready to use with the supplied file. You can find the package available for download here in the download section."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Saturday, April 07, 2018 @ 06:24:08 GMT (3555 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

BigBlueBox leaked Switch cart master keys
switch modrobert writes: "BigBlueBox (bbb) have leaked two master keys for Nintendo Switch carts in an NFO file. Quote: 'very nice work people dumping NCA's. you can now dump your games that use the 1.0.0-3.0.2 ASIC. you wont be able to if the card has 4.x or 5.x ASIC though. so here is a little present from us

master_key_01 = 54e1b8e999c2fd16cd07b66109acaaa6
master_key_02 = 4f6b10d33072af2f250562bff06b6da3

this will allow you to decrypt all your dumpable NCA files as well as our currently released games so far apart from Bayonetta2 as thats master_key_03'

Thanks goes to GaryOPA for the heads up, you can read his take over at"

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ 06:14:15 GMT (4140 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

PegaSwitch without PPT on firmware v1.0.0
switch [source: GaryOPA @] Good news in the form of 'fake news', ReSwitched Developers have found a way to get rid of the need of always using the game Puyo Puyo Tetris JP to launch the hidden 'browser' on your launch v1.0.0 Switch firmware, now you just need to follow the steps once! Quote SciresM: 'And, done -- once you use Puyo Puyo Tetris JP to install this on a 1.0.0 console, you'll never need to launch Puyo again to get a browser open for hax :) '

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2018 @ 11:11:36 GMT (3356 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Switch Mariko SOC and bootrom vuln plugged...
switch modrobert writes: "This is a speculative post, so bear with me. After analyzing the Switch firmware 5.0.0 changes and reading SciresM's tweets, it looks like Nintendo is adding support for a new hardware revision of the Tegra CPU/GPU which is a SOC (System On Chip) dubbed 'Mariko'. The new firmware also includes a RomFS update with what seems like new crypto and support for the upcoming 'Mariko' chipset. My guess is that Nintendo is doing what Sony did with PS3 SuperSlim (déjà vu lv0.2), they are adding a new bootrom which plugs the current vulnerability and locking the lowest firmware to 5.0.0 for the new hardware in silicon. I agree with SciresM who wrote: 'Might be a good time to pick up a console with a vulnerable bootrom ;) '"

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 @ 07:37:24 GMT (3678 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Upcoming CFW for Switch called Exosphere
switch [source: SciresM @ Twitter] Exosphere (A TrustZone re-implementation in Atmosphere, my Switch CFW) just successfully performed smcCpuOn, turning on a second CPU core for the kernel it loaded for the first time on hardware. Lots of debugging/work ahead, but great progress. :)

Happy Switch-release anniversary, everyone! :)


Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Saturday, March 03, 2018 @ 06:40:16 GMT (3322 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Homebrew Launcher released for Switch!
switch modrobert writes: "Plutoo just announced in a tweet that the Homebrew Launcher for Nintendo Switch has been released! The exploit is browser based and currently works with firmware 3.0.0. After installation the Homebew Launcher can be started by accessing the 'Album' icon on the Switch. The installation requires DNS settings hack pointing to either external HTTP server or your own local one.

You can find the official site with usage instructions and FAQ here:

yellows8, plutoo, ReSwitched, devkitPro

With help from:
WntrMute, shinyquag, misson20000, fincs, TuxSH, hexkyz, SciresM, mtheall, naehrwert, thexyz, derrek, kgsws, hthh, Daeken, shufol3, nedwill, smea, st4rk, andoma, Maschell, Normmatt ...

SwitchBrew - #switchdev @ EFNet"

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, February 19, 2018 @ 03:52:14 GMT (3317 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

hactool released for Nintendo Switch
switch [source: SciresM @] After much work, I'm finally satisfied enough to release a 1.0 build of hactool! The tool currently supports most Switch formats (NCA, XCI, HFS0, PFS0, RomFS, NPDM, Package1, Package2, INI1, KIP1):

hactool is a tool to view information about, decrypt, and extract common file formats for the Nintendo Switch, especially Nintendo Content Archives.

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Wednesday, February 07, 2018 @ 10:24:48 GMT (3630 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

WIP: The Homebrew Launcher for Switch
switch modrobert writes: "plutoo tweeted a screenshot of the homebrew launcher for Switch which is work in progress hinting it would be released on February the 1st, 2018. Quote: 'Trying to not create a toxic environment -- will boot both libnx and libtransistor homebrew.' Looks promising so far.

Switch Homebrew Launcher

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Thursday, January 04, 2018 @ 03:22:26 GMT (4098 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

34C3 - Console Security - Switch
switch modrobert writes: "The 'Console Security - Switch' lecture at 34C3 by plutoo, derrek and naehrwert is now available on video. For some reason the video got deleted from CCC servers and at YouTube, so you can download it here instead."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2017 @ 05:16:34 GMT (3554 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 3)

Switch kernel progress...continued...
switch modrobert writes: "Plutoo reports on Twitter: 'With kernelhax comes debugging syscalls, so I threw together a small PyQt gui on top of it. nxdbg -- Userland Switch remote debugger (over USB). A screenshot of it attached to the graphics driver. It works, suprisingly stable :D' No word when or if it will be shared in public."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2017 @ 10:09:33 GMT (3868 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Switch kernel progress...continued...
switch modrobert writes: "Plutoo reports on Twitter: 'Got arbitrary rw in Switch kernel. A lot of work went into this. Thanks to everyone involved.' I don't have any more information, not even sure what firmware version this is for specifically, but most likely 3.0.0. Please comment if you know more."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Thursday, November 02, 2017 @ 18:50:01 GMT (4066 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Switch bootrom dumped
switch modrobert writes: "According to SciresM over at the Nintendo Switch main processor bootrom has been dumped. Quote: 'Awesome work by the #reswitched h/w team today dumping the Tegra 210 bootrom. @haxandeor @hedgeberg @daeken' Thanks goes to codemasterv for the heads up."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2017 @ 14:03:54 GMT (4250 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Team ReSwitched octrelease
switch [source:] ReSwitched is proud to announce that a large portion of our development, previously done behind closed doors, is moving to the open. From the beginning, we have strived to be as transparent as is possible; today’s shift follows through on that commitment.

PegaSwitch 3.0 is an extensive exploitation toolkit for Switch OS 2.0.0-3.0.0. With complete support for IPC, a brand new API, and automatic gadget hunting, it gives us a new window into the Switch platform.

libtransistor is our open-source SDK for the Switch. Designed from the ground-up to make use of the LLVM+Clang stack, we intend for it to be a highly-accessible, community-driven platform for homebrew development.

Mephisto is a high-performance emulator for non-game Switch binaries. Mephisto features a high degree of determinism, GDB debugging support (even allowing source-level debugging of sysmodules in IDA), and compatibility with a large number of Switch OS features. To clarify again: Mephisto is not for and will never be for games. But it is an invaluable tool for development.

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, October 02, 2017 @ 02:54:16 GMT (4339 reads)
(Read More... | 2968 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

Flogging the switch paid off!
switch modrobert writes: "After a few busy days and mainstream media attention the usual suspects over at #switchdev on EFnet managed to figure out how to trigger the hidden golf game (title: flog titleID: 01008BB00013C000) in the Switch console. Quote plutoo: 'This is a tribute to Iwata who was headed Switch dev until he passed away in 2015. He is also the one who wrote the Golf game back in 1984.' As far as corporate Easter eggs go this one had a humble reason, respect with hats off to Nintendo in honor of their fallen CEO Satoru Iwata. Read on for instructions how to launch the game...


Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 @ 03:53:48 GMT (4488 reads)
(Read More... | 2727 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

Switch smhax plugged in firmware v3.0.1
switch modrobert writes: "The previously known sm:h (aka smhax) bug for Switch which was being exploited privately by a selected few is now plugged in Switch firmware v3.0.1 and made public for that reason. The bug which exist in firmware v3.0.0 and below allows for access/registration/unregistration to/of any arbitrary service with full permissions if the user creates a new 'sm:' port session but bypasses API initialization. Quote SciresM @ Twitter: 'For context: the sm bug is what's enabled basically everything from game-romfs/savefile/sysmodule code dumping to even other known bugs. RIP'"

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 08:46:37 GMT (3471 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

First Nintendo Switch Cartridge Dumps Released
switch modrobert writes: "As expected after the recent Switch browser hacking mapping out sysmodules and gaining kernel access, game cartridges can now be dumped, and the scene group BigBlueBox already released a few titles. Check this forum topic for more info. Sorry for the late news post, been a bit busy lately."
Posted on Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 07:50:17 GMT (3940 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 5)

Switch kernel progress...
switch modrobert writes: "Plutoo and derrek have made progress and discovered some kernel class names. Quote: 'we got the kernel' An important step towards homebrew running on Switch."

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Monday, July 10, 2017 @ 07:47:07 GMT (3750 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)

Switch sysmodules dumped...
switch modrobert writes: "Plutoo has dumped the Switch code binaries for all sysmodules (except the first 6). You can view the full resolution screenshot here. Quote from Twitter: 'Got a good view of the Horizon this morning @SciresM @ylws8 @derrekr6 @smealum'

Switch sysmodules dumped

Note: The EurAsia forum topic is here.
Posted on Sunday, June 25, 2017 @ 07:09:31 GMT (4488 reads)
(... | comments? | Score: 0)



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