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 SuperCIC SNES kit
SuperCIC SNES kit
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  10pack Mtx Glitcher v1    10pack Mtx Glitcher v1   USD $75.00 
  360 Xtractor    360 Xtractor   USD $45.00  USD $25.00 
  360 Xtractor Spear    360 Xtractor Spear   USD $15.00  USD $7.00 
  360 Xtractor Vampire    360 Xtractor Vampire   USD $18.00  USD $12.00 
  Corona Postfix Adapter V2    Corona Postfix Adapter V2   USD $4.00 
  Crystal Oscillator 48MHz    Crystal Oscillator 48MHz   USD $2.50  USD $2.00 
  Kynar wire 30awg    Kynar wire 30awg   USD $6.00 
  Matrix NAND Programmer    Matrix NAND Programmer   USD $32.00  USD $12.00 
  Mtx Glitcher v1    Mtx Glitcher v1   USD $9.00 
  NWP Chip Kit    NWP Chip Kit   USD $9.00  USD $6.00 
  NWP Chip v2    NWP Chip v2   USD $5.00 
  RROD Repair Kit Pro II 5pack    RROD Repair Kit Pro II 5pack   USD $55.00 
  ULTRACORE Solder    ULTRACORE Solder   USD $4.00 
  X-TOOL    X-TOOL   USD $10.00 
  X360ACE V1    X360ACE V1   USD $9.00  USD $6.00 
  X360ACE V3    X360ACE V3   USD $9.00 
  X360ACE V5    X360ACE V5   USD $9.00 
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01. Kynar wire 30awg
02. ULTRACORE Solder
03. 360 Xtractor
04. 360 Xtractor Spear
05. Crystal Oscillator 48MHz
06. Matrix NAND Programmer
07. X-TOOL
08. X360ACE V3
09. Mtx Glitcher v1
10. Corona Postfix Adapter V2
 10pack DuoWii drivechip
USD $130.00
USD $70.00
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 xenoGC modchip
pros : Worked great no flaws at all easy to solder directly. ..
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