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 NWP Chip Kit
 USD $9.00  USD $6.00 
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 NWP Chip Kit

With the Nand Write Protect (NWP) chip installed you can easily use the DVD eject button to toggle Read-Write or Read-Only mode for the Xbox 360 NAND flash indicated by a bi-color LED (which actually gives three different colors by mixing two). The chosen protection state is saved in the EEPROM of the PIC12F629 microcontroller, this effectively keeps the data stored during console power off. Avoid any attempts from M$ messing with your flash content or just prevent any official updates from being installed by mistake.

Design and PIC coding by GodzIvan! For those who wish to use their own PIC flasher and components to build this mod, get his release in the download section here.


  • CONFIG - Push eject button until the LED becomes orange, takes roughly 5 seconds. The NWP is now in CONFIG mode.
  • ENABLE - While in CONFIG mode, push eject button until the LED becomes green.
  • DISABLE - While in CONFIG mode, push eject button until the LED becomes red.
  • SAVE - After selecting ENABLE or DISABLE mode, save the state to PIC EEPROM by holding the eject button until the LED starts blinking; green blink for ENABLE mode, and red blink for DISABLE mode respectively.

In order for the LED colors to correctly display the selected mode you need to verify the LED position according to the diagram. (The three LED pins differ slightly in length, the pin for green color is shorter than red.) Safest way of checking is to supply 1.5V DC (eg. AA battery) to match the color pins with diagram.

Kit contents:
  • PIC12F629 Microcontroller
  • Three pin bi-color LED (which actually gives three different colors by mixing two).
  • Resistor (82 Ohm)

NOTE: You need to be skilled in the art of soldering to install this mod according to the diagram, some points are directly on the NAND flash pins and a surface mounted resistor.

"XBOX 360™" and "Microsoft™" are trademarks of the Microsoft™ Corporation.

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Product added on Thursday 18 February, 2010. Click on image for detailed view.

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