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 3k3y 3KR (SATA)
 USD $89.00  USD $79.00 
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 3k3y 3KR (SATA)

3k3y 3KR V1.2 (SATA) is an optical disk drive emulator for the Playstation 3 video game console. It is installed between the genuine Blu-ray drive and the PS3 motherboard. Once 3k3y is successfully installed and configured it can be used to make backups of your original PS3 game disks to USB media, and play those backups from USB media without the need of the original game disk. Several games can be backed up to a single USB media, making it ideal as a 'jukebox' for hardcore gamers as well as for families with children too young to handle Blu-ray discs with appropriate care.

3k3y logo


  • Play your PS3 and PSX games from any USB media!
  • No custom firmware required for operation
  • Enables homebrew on all systems without the need of custom firmware!
  • Removes region lock on games
  • User friendly intuitive XMB, Web and Remote interfaces
  • Hardware AES engine
  • Hardware and software for high-speed game ripping to PC
  • Multi-language support
  • 3KR SATA version compatible with PS3 models: CECH-25xx, CECH-3xxx and CECH-4xxx (Super Slim)
  • Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
  • High speed USB2 interface
  • Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
  • Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
  • FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
  • Recovery mode - it is always possible to recover from a bad flash Update your PS3 as normal, no CFW or game patching required
  • Pass-through mode. (Use your PS3 in "normal mode")

This kit includes:
1 x 3KR / 3KS-R V1.2 main board
1 x Solder adapter
1 x Micro SD Card
1 x power cable
1 x USB Dongle with FFC slot
2 x Flat Flex Cable (FFC)

Available accessories (not included):
3k3y Ripper v2 - Backup your Blu-ray game discs.
3k3y Remote 2 - Display unit with external power cable and 3 USB ports.
3k3y WiFi Dongle - Control your 3k3y via web interface.

Supported PS3 models: CECH-25xx, CECH-3xxx and CECH-4xxx (Super Slim) PS3 models.

NOTE: This SATA version of 3k3y requires soldering. Original firmware up to 4.53 supported.

Check our 3k3y product support forum if you need more info or help. 3k3y firmware releases can be found here.

"Playstation 3" and "PS3" are a trademarks of the Sony corporation. (keywords: ps3 ode, ps3 odd emulator)

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Product added on Monday 18 November, 2013. Click on image for detailed view.

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