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  MM3 modchip PSX (USA) Reviews     MM3 modchip PSX (USA) Reviews  
 Product: MM3 modchip PSX (USA) 
 From: Josh H. 
 Date: Tuesday 11 February, 2014 

 MM3 modchip PSX (USA)

Installed it, didn't have much trouble connecting the wires to the chip even though i didn't use silver coated wire, just plain old copper. soldered to the board in the places the diagrams show no prob. It did not work, not only did it not work but the disc drive stopped working as well. Audiophile SCPH 1000 series. Colors displayed all messed up after install, I cut the chip. My biggest gripe. The diagrams show numbered wires however the chip is not given numbers, how the hell are you supposed to tell which goes where? Other places online have said 1-4 is above text 5-8 below, so i followed that. My install was not a success and My optical drive was damaged in the process. With the chip cut, my PS will now boot to the logo in full color and sound like usual however will not play discs... Thanks alot for the clear diagrams.

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