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  xenoGC modchip Reviews     xenoGC modchip Reviews  
 Product: xenoGC modchip 
 From: Richard K. 
 Date: Monday 29 November, 2010 

 xenoGC modchip

I purchased the XenoGC from Eurasia on Nov 19, it was shipped Nov 22 and arrived in hand on Nov 29. Which is pretty fast coming from Thailand to the USA.

The only issue i have with the product is its the XenoGC version 1.0. Which doesnt have the Xeno Shell, nor the ability to play Multi-game Discs (not to be confused with multi disc games like RE4). The XenoGc v1.1 - 2.0 all have an updated board where the two single points have a slot cut out to make it easier to solder but version 1.0 does not. Either way i hear that the Multi-game disc support on the 1.1 and 2.0 versions (both have Xeno Shell ver 1.05) doesnt work properly anyway, so its not a big deal. but it would have been nice to know. As i didn't think anyone still carried XenoGC v1.0.

Installation can be tricky I recommend cleaning the board with 91% or higher (rubbing)Isopropyl Alcohol then using electrical tape to cover the contact points that are not going to used that are under the chip. These points are SUPER small and a solder bridge is easy to do. Then use Liquid or Paste Rosin Soldering Flux and apply it to the contacts on the drive board and the XenoGC. Put the XenoGC in place and hot glue the bottom Right side corner with hot glue. Then solder the points using .32 or smaller Rosin Core solder. The inspect your work with a Loupe or Magnifying glass before turning on the console. After test and adjust Laser Potentiometer if necessary.

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