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3k3y Ripp3r software tutorial by example.

We are creating a "nokeys" ISO for 3KR (or any other 3k3y install without drivekey / 3Dump.bin) by using DUPLEX scene release of GTA5 (which is in PSJB format). I'm using Windows XP in this tutorial (actually running in VirtualBox), but Windows 7 or 8 should work fine as well.

In this example, the DUPLEX release for GTA5, you need to move the 'EBOOT.BIN' file out of the release directory tree (or delete it) and rename the 'EBOOT.BIN.ORIG' file to 'EBOOT.BIN'. If you skip this step the checksum test for EBOOT.BIN will fail when creating the ISO (checksum stored in the IRD file specifically). The 'EBOOT.BIN' files can be found in this directory:

BLES01807-[Grand Theft Auto V]/PS3_GAME/USRDIR


An original game is required to use 3k3y "nokeys" functionality. Once you picked an original game disc it can be used for any backup game you load from the USB hard drive. For this to work, the specific game disc needs to be listed in the IRD database here:


TIP: You can use the "Search" function. In order to improve your chances that the original game disc key is integrated in the current 3k3y firmware update; use an old game title, the older the better.

Using the 3k3y Ripp3r software

You can download 3k3y Ripp3r here:

Here are the 3k3y Ripp3r settings as required to produce the latest type of "nokeys" ISO for 3k3y. Pay attention to the "Rip/Encrypt/Rebuild" section of checkboxes.

Select the "Create ISO" button close to the top there.

OK, so now we select the JB (PSJB) directory to create the ISO from, it's the greyed out directory as seen on the image above.

Now 3k3y Ripp3r software wants to know in which directory to create the ISO file (make sure there is enough space there). After selecting directory, I just type 'gta5.iso' in this case as "file name".

Here we select the matching IRD (Iso Rebuild Data) file to use, in this case 'BLES01807_917.ird' which is the patch for GTA5 (Europe). You can find this IRD file here:


Mirror for IRD files: https://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=11643&ttitle=3k3y_IRD_files_2015-03-06

Your file name might differ from my screenshot, but it's the same one. Technically this IRD is a patch which makes it possible recreate the full encrypted PS3 ISO, the scene releases in PSJB format are decrypted, and are not complete.

The ISO creation process has started, no we just wait a while patiently. The 3k3y Ripp3r software will go through several steps to rebuild the ISO properly.

Copying the ISO file

When the ISO creation is complete you need to copy the 'gta5.iso' file to your USB hard drive for use with 3k3y. If you have never done this before, the directory structure on the USB hard drive needs be like this (using GTA5 in this example here):


You can use any file name you want, but placing an ISO file directly under /games will fail, needs to be /games/xxx/xxx.iso. 3k3y supports several file systems; NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended.

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