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bell @ http://psx-scene.com/forums/yaosm/55455-gcos-multigame-version-howto.html

The excellent Multigame version of GCOS by emu_kidid is, without doubt, the best way to run GC backups on your Wii.
It has the following advantages:

- Store several GC backups on one DVD.
- 100% Regionfree and auto detection that works really well.

You can also use a GCOS Multigame disc to boot original and backup imports by swapping discs before you choose
"Boot DVD" in the menu. So all your multigame discs will double as swap discs for any non-multigame discs you have
that require regionfixing.

Creating a GCOS Multigame disc is simple, just follow the steps described below.

1. To make it simple, create a folder on your hard drive, call it for example: multi
2. Extract make-multiv3.exe to this folder.
3. Extract GCMUtility.exe to the same folder.
4. Start GCMUtility and choose a Gamecube iso or gcm file.
5. Check the box i front of it and choose to shrink it.
6. Save the shrinked version in the multi-folder.
7. Repeat step 4 to 6 for every backup you want to shrink (shrinking is optional btw)
8. Open a command windows (CMD.EXE) and navigate to the multi-folder.
9. Type the following command: make-multiv3.exe multi.iso USA game1.gcm game2.gcm game3.gcm
10. Burn multi.iso with your favourite DVD burning software.

Just make sure the generated iso do not exceed the maximum size of a DVD-R and you should be
able to add as many games as you want.

Oh, and in step 9, replace USA with JAP or PAL if you live in Japan or Europe.

Note that not ALL games likes to be shrinked and put onto a multigame disk but most of them do.

Required files:

 GCOS SelfBoot MultiGame v3
 GCMUtility 0.5
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