Homemade Sputnik360/TridentMX Alternative for MXIC chipsets

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by Gazcoigne @ http://www.xboxhacker.org/index.php?topic=16874.0

hi guys thought id share my little switch design for the slim liteon unlock for MXIC chipsets

very cheap and easy to install, for the people like me who like to do it themselves

what you need:

   slim liteon drive 0272 with locked SPI and MXIC chipset (IMPORTANT!! does not work on winbond drives)
   sub-mini SPDT switch - link http://www.maplin.co.uk/single-pole-sub-miniature-2476
   thin wire - i used 20 AWG
   resistor - 10-12 ohms, pull through type 1/4W
   hot glue gun and glue
   soldering iron - i used 30W
   scalpel or small tipped screwdriver to cut and prepare traces
   dremel or drill with 12mm drill to cut drive case for easy access to switch



traces cut, and wires installed, wires are aprox 5cm long, cut them to suit the position of the switch which you will see below


then you solder the resistor to one outer leg of the SPDT switch, as shown above, then the other two wires are soldered on being careful to get them correct!! (measure twice cut once!!)

cover all of this in insulation tape or liquid insulator (very cool stuff!!)

then on the underside of the dvd drive chassis, you will see a channel below the PCB that routes the drive motor cables etc, which is safe from the moving parts of the drive assembly and which is also a perfect spot for the switch.

Fire up your hot glue gun and put a big blob in the corner, and set the switch in making sure the switch is almost level with the metal case, just shy of it. (also good idea to test the circuit before you glue it in)


lastly, measure the switch location relative to the screw hole for the case nearby and transfer this to the drive case and use your drill or dremel to make a hole above the switch that will allow you to flip it without having to remove the drive case (timesaver!! as i think we will be seeing a lot of new CFW in the future with AP2.6)

hopefully this is clear and easy to follow!!

with the sputnik360 and tridentMX you are required to remove the drive case to flick the switch/place the probe, and with mine all you have to do is flip the drive over and move the switch!

have fun modding your locked drives guys!! cat and mouse games are fun!!

not bashing TX/Maximus products, i love them all and own most of them, but sometimes the whole fun is in doing it yourself!!

big thanks to the actual hackers and devs working on these brilliant mods - they deserve all the credits, this is just my small contribution to the mod.

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