PS4 Exploit using a Raspberry Pi

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buy a ps4pro 1tb with fw 4.70. (or anything <= 5.07 they say) keep it disconnected from the network.

download fw 5.05 from (for example):
   ( )
   download the update file. md5sum should be f86d4f9d2c049547bd61f942151ffb55
   format a 8gb usb-thumbdrive to fat32
   put the downloaded file PS4UPDATE.PUP in H:\PS4\UPDATE\ 
   (as seen here )
   plugin the gamepad with a usb-cable and the usb-thumbdrive.
   find the power button. it's on the front, middle row, to the left. hold it down for some 7 seconds.
   first there's a beep immediately, then another beep after 7 secs.
   now you're in the safe mode menu. navigate to the "update from usb" menu, and make sure it says 5.05.
   click and wait. use to write the image to sd-card unzip to the root of the sd-card. boot rpi2, press F4 when prompted. (for extra terminals, user/passwd is pi/raspberry)

for temporary networked testing:

   sudo ip -4 addr add dev eth0
   cd /boot/ps4-exploit-host
   sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

the permanent fix for retropie: edit /etc/network/interfaces add at bottom:

       auto eth0
       iface eth0 inet static

edit /etc/rc.local add lines before the last ("exit 0")

   cd /boot/ps4-exploit-host
   /usr/bin/python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 &
   cd -

connected a network cable directly from the rpi to the ps4. the power usb-cable for the rpi can be plugged into the back of the ps4. that way it will power on/off with your ps4 automatically. on the ps4, set the ip-address to ( go to the web browser, surf to, make a bookmark for conviencence. click on the webpage for the 5.05 firmware, then on the HEN option.

put a nice game .pkg in the root of a usb drive. exFAT formatted should work. go to the ps4 menu system -> debug game -> install package, install it, exit, and play.

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