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2004-09-21 / Modrobert: created this tutorial
2006-06-20 / Modrobert: updated to HDLPatch 0.8a1

This tutorial assume you use a windows dos prompt, not because it is the most widely used OS, but rather because windows users generally need more help. ;)


Download these utils from EurAsia:

(you need to be regged user, it is free)

HDLoader Lite (ELF):

HDLPatch 0.8a1 (win32):

sjuncrunch (win32):

ps2-packer 0.4 (win32):

Extract all the files to c:\temp (or any dir you like) and start a DOS command prompt.

These are my DOS prompt commands with output:


c:\windows> cd c:\temp
c:\temp> sjuncrunch.exe HDloaderlite.ELF unpacked_hdloader.elf

Section #0: 661279 2973696 0 100000 661380
 BLOCK: 67280 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK:  1865 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 154485 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 91362 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 78133 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 53443 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 74311 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 40335 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 26798 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 32549 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK: 36021 bytes --> 262144 bytes
 BLOCK:  4697 bytes --> 90112 bytes


Example commandline below, use your own hdlpatch options.

c:\temp> hdlpatch_0.8a1.exe /B /C /L /N unpacked_hdloader.elf patched_hdloader.elf

HDLPatch 0.8a1  -  Patches clean unpacked HDLoader.

Patching no disc seek...
Patching compatibility update...
Patching bigger game list...
Patching LBA 48bit support...

...HDLPatch done.


c:\temp> ps2-packer patched_hdloader.elf packed_hdloader.elf

PS2-Packer v0.4 (C) 2004 Nicolas "Pixel" Noble
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Using special ucl-nrv2e asm (one section) stub
Compressing c:	emphdloader_patched.elf...

File compressed, from 2977792 to 628864 bytes, ratio = 78.88%

That's it, packed_hdloader.elf is your new HDLoader!

Here are the command line options listed for hdlpatch:

HDLPatch 0.8a1  -  Patches clean unpacked HDLoader.

 /N  - No disc seek while loading (stops freezing at splash screen on V9).
 /C  - Compatibility options update (press SELECT to access).
 /V  - V12/13 PSTwo support to correctly detect HDD formatting.
 /S  - Stop cdvd-drive motor after loading (use ONLY with disc based booting).
 /B  - Bigger game list (fit more titles on screen).
 /F  - Force into NTSC-display on PAL machines (fullscreen image).
 /L  - LBA 48bit patch (allows full use of HDDs up to 2 terabytes).
 /M  - (U/M)DMA-transfermode selector (READ THE README==).==
 /A  - Auto HDD sleepmode off (HDD doesn't shutdown while idling).
 /K  - Swap X/O buttons (Japanese button layout).
 /G  - Disable all features except play (forced during MDMA-mode).
 /P  - Position screen (/P xx,yy in hex 00-FF).
 /Tx - Translation forced to: 1 - French,  2 - Spanish, 3 - German
                              4 - Italian, 5 - English, 6 - Portuguese
 /IS - Patch splash image (512x448 24bit BMP, 32bit TGA & interleaved RAW).
 /IM - Patch main image (512x448 24bit BMP, 32bit TGA & interleaved RAW).
 /IB - Patch button image (128x64 24bit BMP, 32bit TGA & interleaved RAW).
 /IF - Patch font (/IF font.bmp, more help with /? or in the readme).
 /IC - Patch colors (/IC colors.txt, see readme).
 /IT - Patch texts (/IT texts.txt, see readme).
 /X  - Extract splash/main.bmp, button.tga, font.bmp/dat & colors/texts.txt.
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