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2004-02-18 / ModRobert: table v9 & v10 added.
2004-05-10 / ModRobert: converted to Wiki markup.
2004-10-16 / ModRobert: table v11 & v12 added.
2005-07-01 / ModRobert: table v13 added.
2005-10-25 / ModRobert: table v14 added.
2006-08-24 / ModRobert: table v15 added. Thanks to
2007-07-25 / ModRobert: table v16 added. Thanks to
2008-09-20 / ModRobert: table v17 added, better late than never. ;)
2008-10-16 / Gradius: table v18 added, fixes, v18 BIOS fix, and general cosmetic stuff done.
2008-10-20 / Gradius: added more v13, v14, v15, v16 and v17 models.
2010-01-15 / Gradius: added GH-072-42 v18 board.
2017-09-24 / ModRobert: added v16 SCPH-79001A (GH-061-22) and v14 SCPH-75001 (GH-032-32), sent by rsx.

Team Ankarah comments:
We have compiled a table of all current known Console versions, along with Motherboard version, bios version and bios style. There is every possibility of course that there is some mistakes (possibly around v4/v5 JAP and v7/v8).

We want to compile the most concise and accurate resources on the net as there seems to be so much conflicting information. Any help that you can provide will benefit the scene greatly so if you can help thanks in advance - if you can't help then we hope you find this information useful.

v0 SCPH-10000 (GH-001)
SCPH-15000 (GH-003)
SCPH-15000 TI (GH-003)
SCPH-18000 (GH-008) (BIOS 010)
SCPH-18000 (GH-008) (BIOS020)
v1 N/A SCPH-30001 (GH-004) (BIOS010)
v2 N/A SCPH-30001 (GH-005) (BIOS010) N/A
v3 N/A SCPH-30001 (GH-006) (BIOS020) GAP
SCPH-30001 (GH-006) (BIOS020) NOGAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-007) (BIOS020) GAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-007) (BIOS020) NOGAP SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-007) (BIOS020) GAP
SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-007) (BIOS020) NOGAP
SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-007) (BIOS020) GAP SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-007) (BIOS020) NOGAP
v4 SCPH-30000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP
SCPH-30000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) GAP SCPH-35000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
SCPH-30001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP
SCPH-30001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) GAP
SCPH-35001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3 PACK) GAP
SCPH-35002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3 PACK) NOGAP SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030)(GT3PACK) GAP
SCPH-35003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35004 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) GAP
SCPH-35005 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
v5 SCPH-30000R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30005R (Korea) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30006R (Hong Kong) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30007R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
(Early versions had v4 board)
SCPH-30001R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
(Early versions had v4 board)
SCPH-30002R (Australia) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30003R (United Kingdom) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30004R (Europe) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
(Early versions had v4 board)
v6 SCPH-30006R (Hong Kong) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30007R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30001R (GH-015) (BIOS040) SCPH-30002R (Australia) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30003R (United Kingdom) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30004R (Europe) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
v7 SCPH-37000 (GH-019 & GH-022) (BIOS070)
SCPH-39000 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS070/080)
SCPH-39006 (Hong Kong) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39007 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39008 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39001 (GH-019) (BIOS070)
SCPH-39001 (GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39002 (Australia) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39003 (United Kingdom) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39004 (Europe) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
v8 SCPH-39000 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39006 (Hong Kong) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39007 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
N/A SCPH-39002 (Australia) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39003 (United Kingdom) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39004 (Europe) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39008 (Russia) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
v9 SCPH-50000 (GH-023) (BIOS100)
SCPH-50005 (Korea) (GH-023) (BIOS100)
SCPH-50006 (Hong Kong) (GH-023) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50007 (GH-023) (BIOS111)
SCPH-55000 (GH-023) (BIOS100) (40GB HD)
SCPH-50001 (GH-023) (BIOS100/110) SCPH-50002 (Australia) (GH-023) (BIOS 100/110)
SCPH-50003 (United Kingdom) (GH-023) (BIOS100/110)
SCPH-50004 (Europe) (GH-023) (BIOS100/110)
v10 SCPH-50000 (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50005 (Korea) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50006 (Hong Kong) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50007 (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50001 (GH-026) (BIOS111) SCPH-50002 (Australia) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50003 (United Kingdom) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50004 (Europe) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
v11 N/A N/A SCPH-50004A (Europe) (GH-029) (BIOS111) (new laser)
v12 PStwo SCPH-70000 (GH-035-11) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70006 (GH-035-11) (BIOS 1110A)
SCPH-70007 (GH-035-11) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70011 (GH-035-21) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70012 (GH-035-21) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70002 (Australia) (GH-035-61) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70003 (United Kingdom) (GH-035-61) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70004 (Europe) (GH-035-61) (BIOS1110A)
v13 PStwo SCPH-70000 CB (GH-037-01) (BIOS1110A) SCPH-70001 CB (GH-032-13) (BIOS1110A D1010U) SCPH-70004 (Europe) (GH-032-12) (BIOS2110A D1010U)
SCPH-70004 (Europe) (GH-032-13) (BIOS2110A D1010U)
v14 PStwo SCPH-75000 CW (GH-036-51) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75000 SS (GH-037-12) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75001 (GH-032-32)
SCPH-75001 (GH-036-51) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75001 (GH-037-01) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75001 (GH-040-51) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75002 (Australia) (GH-041-14)
SCPH-75002A (Australia) (GH-041-14)
SCPH-75003 (United Kingdom) (GH-041-14) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75004 (Europe) (GH-040-12/GH-041-04/GH-041-14) (B6020B D0020U)
v15 PStwo SCPH-77000 (GH-052-12) (B6130B D0020U) SCPH-77001 CB (GH-051-02) (B6130B D0020U)
SCPH-77001 CB (GH-051-51) (B6130B D0020U)
SCPH-77002 (GH-051-02)
v16 PStwo SCPH-79000 CB (GH-061-12) (B6140B D0020U) SCPH-79001A (GH-061-12) (B6140B D0020U)
SCPH-79001A (GH-061-22)
SCPH-79002 (GH-061-22)
v17 PStwo SCPH-90000 CB (GH-070-42) (B6140B D0020U)
(New: build-in with Power Supply inside the console)
N/A SCPH-90002 (Australia) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90003 (United Kingdom) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90004 (Europe) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90005 (Korea) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90008 (Russia) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90009 (Arab) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90010 (Latin America) (GH-070-42)
v18 PStwo N/A SCPH-90001 (GH-071-42) (B6150B D0020U) SCPH-90002 (Australia) (GH-071-32/GH-071-42)
SCPH-90004 (Europe) (GH-072-42)
SCPH-90006 (Hong Kong) (GH-071-42/GH-072-42)
SCPH-90007 (Taiwan) (GH-071-42)

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