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Who discovered? Chiaroscuro - a Brazilian discovery.

Ever wondered what's going on with your 360 when you get a 0102 error? Processor problems? no.
GPU problems? no.
it's GPU Memory related and this is how you can fix it WITHOUT the hot air gun.

All you need is:
- one rubber eraser
- one stiletto (or a very sharp penknife)
- one double face tape
- all the stuff to open the 360

Cut the rubber eraser in 4 pieces of 4 millimeters high. Get the double face tape on the memory modules than tape the rubber eraser on them.
Close your 360.
Turn the 360 on.
Still 3RL? Don't worry. Wait 20 minutes with the console turned on.
Turn off the console.
Wait 2 minutes so it can cool down.
Turn it on.
Done, fixed with no pain nor risking to burn sensitive components.

Some images:
the owner of the 360.. Problem: 3RL
Image 1 - Disassembled 360


this 360 had some 'weird' and soft stuff on the memory chips. (elastomer?)
Image 2 - 1st view of the Mother Board


'weird' stuff off.
Image 3 - Removed


Double sided tape
cut the eraser --> 4 squares of 0,4cm (4 millimeters) of hight
(there should be a true rubber, one that doesn't leave 'dust' on your hand, can't think of a better way to say it)
Cut it a bit larger than the chips 1mm each side +-
Image 4 - The rubber eraser in place


Close your 360
turn it on
still 3RL
wait 20 minutes
turn it off
wait 2 minutes
turn it on
Done. No more 3RL error.
Image 5 - Happy owner


Sorry for the photos quality, but I've made those with my cell phone.. :D

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