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Source: TheArtificer @ http://www.x360keyforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=489



This tutorial will help those of you unlucky enough to have received a corrupt or DOA microSD card, or who deleted files (formatted) by mistake. Keep in mind that xkey firmware updates should be copied to an USB stick or hard drive, NOT DIRECTLY TO THE MICROSD card!

What you need

  • USB Image Tool for Windows; download here.
  • A xkey microSD card image file; download here.

Note: If you are using Linux, then you can write the raw image to microSD card using 'dd'.

Getting ready

  • Unzip USB Image Tool to a directory on your Hard Disk.
  • Unpack the xk3y SD card image file using 7-Zip into the same directory.
  • A micro SD card, preferably the 128MiB (or 111MiB, or 110MiB) card that came with xkey but if this is not working you can use any micro SD card you have available.

Writing the image

  • Plug your microSD card into a USB card reader, plug the card reader into your PC. Note the drive letter Windows assigns to it.
  • Run the USB Image Tool (on Vista & 7 be sure to run it as Administrator).
  • Make sure the USB Image Tool is in "Device Mode".
  • Select the microSD card from the list in USB Image Tool.
  • Click the "Restore" button in USB Image Tool.
  • A FileOpen Dialog will appear, select the xkey microSD card image file you unzipped previously.
  • Wait a few seconds for USB Image Tool to do its thing.
  • Eject/Safely Remove the SD card in explorer.

You now have a factory fresh micro SD card with xkey base FW version, add your firmware/dummy.bin file and test in your xkey.


Please note, if you make a new card please use a Micro Sd card reader, not a microSD to SDcard adapter that is plugged into a reader as it usually doesn't work.

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