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Author: BobmcBob

Thanks: Modrobert ( , Blasty)

Title: Notes and Finding on generating UMD iso's on the Linux(Unix) operating system.

OK, First i am not sure, but i highly suspect that file order is important. So we need to take a dump of the iso we are messing with and extract the order information.

The following does this:

isoinfo -f -i original.iso || nl -nln -s ";" || awk -F ";" '{print substr($2,2) " -" $1}' >sort_file

IMPORTANT THIS IS THE CRITICAL PART! The following command will mount the iso without screwing with the filenames:

mount -o loop,map=o -t iso9660 temp.iso tmp/

Now it is possible to cp -R all the files from tmp to your new folder. There you can play with all the ripping etc you need to do.

Then to generate the iso:

mkisofs -sort sort_file -iso-level 4 -xa -A "PSP GAME" -V NA -sysid "PSP GAME" -volset SSX_PSP -p SSX -P "bla" -o mypsp4.iso files/

If anyone wants to help progress this, post on the eurasia forums. Search me or ModRobert out.

Peace and OpenSource is the way forward  :)

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